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Client Testimonials

Over the years I've worked with a wide range of clients in various fields. Here is what a few are saying about me:

"Though me and Dan have never met face to face, I would lay a big open-mouth kiss on this guy (like a gentleman!) for the job he's done on my site. He's totally dedicated to giving you the best possible space for a good price. I wonder when dude sleeps... and when he sleeps I'm betting he dreams in binary."

Jordan Carlos - Comedian, Actor and Writer.

"It is always a pleasure to work with someone who knows what he is doing. Dan is one of those people. My website captures the balance between the informality of my personality and the formality of my profession perfectly. It lets my clients know that lawyers aren't necessarily intimidating, yet maintains a professional look and feel, so that my clients know I'm serious about their rights and compensation.

Dan is highly skilled and professional. He delivers a quality product on-time and on-budget, no mean feat in today's fast-paced world."

Janis P. Criger LL.B. - Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer and Accident Attorney.

"Working with Dan Johnston has been a pleasurable experience right from our first contact. He is thoroughly professional and communicates his extensive technical knowledge in an understandable way. He reworked our website in a timely manner and has speedily and accurately managed website updates. I have no hesitation in recommending Dan Johnston and SyntechDesign."

Irene Dvali - Schneider & Associates Psychological Services

"Thanks, Dan, for taking some of my vague thoughts and somehow crafting them into a website I'm proud, and a little astonished, to call my own. You interpreted my thoughts and business style so well, the final design looked like something I might actually have created myself -- if I had half your talent and a quarter of your technical know-how. And, amazingly, you managed it all with care, speed, patience and good humour.

Thanks, too, for all your marketing savvy. The Internet is a new promotional medium, with its own rules and evolving values and you helped my business fit right in. I like the way you work, Dan Johnston, and I like the finished product so much I'd have no hesitation recommending your talents without reservation. Thanks, again, for the creative experience!"

John Burry - Burgeoning Business Communications Training Inc.

"Dan Johnston is one of those rare individuals who not only has wonderful artistic talent but also significant technical expertise in web design. He has a keen eye and was able to capture the exact look and feel that I wanted to convey in my website. The quality of his work is exceptional. He was able to deal with all the "techy" stuff in a way that made it as easy as possible for me to understand.

His work was timely and he kept me in the loop all the way throughout the project. He provided all the necessary follow up after the site was launched and keeps me up to date on its ranking. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented and creative young man!!"

Milka Vujnovic Mediation Services - Hamilton Family Lawyer & Mediator

"Dan Johnston is the alpha and omega of web design. Navigability? He practically invented it. Sleek design? Puhlease, his middle name is "web 2.0" We at www.nerdcorerising.com have been so delighted and have received so many kudos from the nerd universe (the most critical folks on the interwebs) that we can't imagine a world in which Dan Johnston isn't at the helm of web design! No, no, no, I can't do it - I get chills trying to imagine that world! So, for the love of your own website, court this guy. You won't be sorry."

Negin Farsad - Director of Nerdcore Rising: The Movie / Comedian

"Dan Johnston created a website for my company Aesthetics by Rachel. Every time I look at the site I am still impressed with how he was able to develop such an incredibly high class site for a very reasonable price. Dan's patience, knowledge and creativity made the whole process go smoothly.

Dan also works to help me optimize my content for search engines in order for me to consistently appear at the top of many search engines. Thanks to this, it has helped me increase my clientelle and business sales. Ever since my websites launch, I have received numerous compliments from many people who have visited my site.

Thank you for your expertise, great ideas and dedication. I will definitely recommend you to others with confidence!"

Rachel Duff - Aesthetics by Rachel - Hamilton Beauty Spa

"Dan Johnston is a gem. Ever since &hiring him to revamp my website, my business has grown. He is very responsive to my needs, does the work extremely quickly and he is calm, clear and very easy to work with. In addition, Dan has a great eye and has helped me not only with my website, but on my book design. I recommend him highly."

Jennifer Levine - Puppeteer, Artist and Educator

"Dan Johnston is on top of his game. When choosing a company to redesign our website, SyntechDesign was our unanimous decision. From coming up with ideas to improve our website all the way down to teaching us how to use the CMS, everything was seamless, time efficient and just plain easy for us. It was an absolute pleasure working with Dan. We highly recommend him."

Kirk Alfaro - TheHoop-la.com

"We admire the work you have done for us. Thank you for your hard work and effort in creating it."

Red Maiden Entertainment - Waiting in Beijing: The Movie

"Since working with Dan, I have found him to be helpful, efficient and quick in updating the Website for Adventures in Friendship on a monthly basis. We have had a Website for several years and I can honestly say that Dan takes care of our updates better than anyone else in the past. It is a pleasure working with him."

June Pay - Chairperson and Programme Co-ordinator for Adventures in Friendship Inc.

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